09 August 2017 @ 04:13 pm
Today is Gillian Anderson's 49th birthday. Since my favorite GA picspam of all time, by [livejournal.com profile] amyhit, was ruined by Photofuckit, instead you get one picture plus a link to Syfy's tribute.

Dana Scully and her birthday snowball

Via Tumblr, 49 reasons we're celebrating Gillian Anderson's birthday.

Every now and again, Tumblr is good for something. Also, despite the resemblance, I nabbed this photo from a very old website, not from Syfy or Tumblr.

I am kicking myself for not saving that picspam when I could. Also, I want a Hostess Sno Ball.
07 August 2017 @ 04:14 pm
Eight books read in July. As usual, stuff under the cuts may contain spoilers.

1. City of Miracles by Robert Jackson Bennett - 4/5 stars. The last book in the Divine Cities trilogy. I wasn't too onboard with Sigrud being the POV character in this one, but I ended up liking it a lot. Maybe the middle dragged a bit, but the ending was satisfying.

2. Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill - 2/5 stars. One that's been on my TBR list for a long time, finally crossed off. And really, that was about all that it was good for. I plan to give Joe Hill another try; this was his very first book, after all. My Goodreads review under the cut:
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3. The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost - 5/5 stars. I mean, if you're into supplemental material to TV shows, this is pretty good. My only complaint was that some of the "handwritten" notes were difficult to read in the e-book version I had.

4. Roadwork by Stephen King - 2/5 stars. Meh, another drab Richard Bachman book. Sad, entitled white man has a midlife crisis, yawn. Two stars because I liked some of the side characters, like the crime boss.

5. The Illusion of Separateness by Simon Van Booy - 3/5 stars. Do you like pointless meandering? Then this is the book for you! Goodreads review under the cut )

6. The Eyeless by Lance Parkin - 4/5 stars. A Tenth Doctor book where he's without a companion, which means he's a bit darker than in earlier books. The plot was surprisingly complex, but the ending wasn't very satisfying.

7. The Kind Folk by Ramsey Campbell - 2/5 stars. Goodreads review )

8. Breath of Earth by Beth Cato - 4/5 stars. This is apparently the first book in a series, though my notes say it's a standalone. The second book hasn't come out yet, but I plan to check it out when it does. Goodreads review )

Currently: slogging my way through a Stephen King book that is just not keeping my interest.
06 August 2017 @ 08:33 pm
I have actually seen the movie twice now, because my brother wanted to go with me on opening night but he had to work too late, so I went with him on Saturday.

So obviously I didn't hate it.

First, a note about me and adaptations: I really, really don't get precious about them. I literally do not understand how a bad adaptation can utterly ruin the source material for some people. I tend to approach adaptations the same way I do fanfic: this stuff is firmly Not Canon and I can enjoy it without it intruding on canon or trying to relate it to canon at all. I guess I'm just good at compartmentalizing.

So what about the Dark Tower movie? My quick take: on its own terms as a movie, it's good. As an adaptation it kind of sucks balls. And it makes me sad that it's only ever going to be viewed as a sucky adaptation instead of a fun fantasy action/adventure flick with quality acting, effects, and production.

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