22 June 2017 @ 04:38 am
After 2 years of CD cases (see here) we finally fastened the bottom of the cat net in a better way. And on the side there's a fence now.

We only finally did that because I wanted the net to go outside the flower boxes, so my cat could have a lawn, like my mom's cat. )
19 June 2017 @ 10:37 pm
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*sigh* Something's not right with the latest episodes. The season started out so well, but then it got meh. I'm not sure what it is - pacing, maybe? It feels like Classic Who: things are happening, but it doesn't feel like it. The stories sound good in summary, but watching them isn't as interesting.
07 June 2017 @ 03:01 am
Huh, differently colored flowers growing out of the same plant.

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03 June 2017 @ 01:33 am
Yesterday I upgraded my Dreamwidth account, buying it only for the icon space. It was super easy, no going to another website required - yay!

What wasn't easy was what came next, because I didn't think things through. I imported my icons from LJ to Dw, there wasn't enough icon space, so I deleted some on LJ that I haven't used in a while. So there it had started getting messy, because I didn't want to look through which icons were new on my Dw and which ones are the original 15. And I've been wanting to reorganize my icons for a while, so I did that then by renaming their keywords on LJ and also manually on Dw (because I didn't know if an import with new keywords would mess with the entries that use the old keywords). Did another import to get the remaining icons, but Dw didn't seem to have noticed that I had made changes to my LJ icons. And then my Dw icons had both the old and the new keywords. So then I checked every single icon and did correction where they were necessary. Haha, what fun, I know how to waste my time!

Anyway, I finally have all my icons on Dw. \o/
28 May 2017 @ 02:52 pm
Just a week of vacation and I'm still trying to catch up on the backlog that created!
How I feel: frustrated