I'm glad we're at the end of the season - if we don't find out this episode who the guy from Rachel's visions is, we should find out in the next one. Hopefully we'll also learn how she's having these visions. Because so far this show isn't really going the supernatural route (unless there's something to Kira sensing how the clones feel).

Nice hairdo, Felix!

Helena \o/! Nice place she's built there.
Hmm, her phone has reception, so she can't be too far from civilisation, right?

Ugh, of course that other detective is a bad guy too! JFC!

Haha, Felix's eyeroll when Alison lets slip that the officers outside can't be there by Duko's orders. Phew, good that Felix is there to help the Hendrixes not spill any Clone Club secrets.

I like how that show gives us so many character combinations. That's a nice scene between Cosima and Charlotte.
Will Cos use that picture of the island to find out where it is?

Suspicious Adele is being suspicious of what's going on. Oops, inconvenient Helena visit! I guess it's time to let Adele know about Clone Club.
"From different regions... from the same stomach. Countries in there, different countries?" XD
... Oh, wow, didn't expect Adele to walk out of there without knowing.

Oh, "just" an ambulance outside the Hendrix house? That would be the paramedic woman's usual partner, wouldn't it? ... Yup.
Woohoo, Helena making up for her bad timing by barging in well timed! Heh, she with the angel wings came when Alison prayed.

Whoa, I really thought Rachel was gonna sell out!
Everyone's phone ringing at the press conference. Haha, this is like Sherlock, but even better.

Blone woman! Is that you, Delphine? ... WOOHOO! I SAID SO!
Man, this feels like Lost! French women on islands. Just generally more people on the island than you were aware of. I mean, I guess it's on the island because of the way we cut from Rachel saying her visions are of people on the island to a hut that looks like those in her vision. Also, visions that so far appear supernatural.
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