10 March 2017 @ 07:55 pm
42nd monthly picspam  
What a beautiful snowman!

BFF and I visited Moritzburg Palace for the Three Gifts for Cinderella (an East-German/Czechoslovak co-production & holiday classic) exhibition.

Ooh, there were geese!

Parts of the movie were shot there.

It used to be a hunting ch√Ęteau. Fortunately all the deer skulls we encountered were fake.

Look at that quality stuff! Mmm, brocade.

The exibition is really nicely designed. One of the ways you can read info is from editing tables, hee!

I wish I had felt more patient, because actually I'm really interested in the sound aspect of the movie. It was done with German and Czech actors who all spoke their own language, so there had to be some dubbing. The (voice) acting is one of the things I love about the movie, it was so wonderfully natural - something I don't see too often in German stuff.

Forest wallpaper and a tree cardboard cut-out, heh.

Even the carpet looks like a forest path.

Haha, you can spin the wheel! ...It's funnier in German.

Actual trees!

The building itself is pretty too.

Huh, this was the only window that had ice flowers.

I wish I could have taken a picture of Cinderella's hairdo, but the mannequins were moving.

Even the shoe has brocade (matching the ball dress)!

Underground toilets.

Ooh, they're as pretty as the ones in Edinburgh Castle!

Unenthusiastic sensor is

You can try on Cinderella's shoe.

Heh, the lamp has a crown.

Haha, this perspective makes it look as if she has antlers.

Pretty trees.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the previous day (Valentine's).

I like how these twigs hang down and then go upwards.

I feel high-fived by this tree.

Poster for the exhibition at our homebound bus stop.

Aw, look at this Mandalorian blue tit! It was so small!

Completely undisturbed by the computer's complaining beeps. She even repositioned herself and the computer started beeping again.

Check out ALL the places! Even behind drawers!

What a cute little table-chair bridge!