17 April 2017 @ 01:07 am
Doctor Who 10x01 The Pilot  
Aw, a picture of Susan. What, the Doctor has an office now?
Hee, the old screwdrivers!
I'm glad they also brought the e-guitar playing back!
Lectures? Oh, is it Professor Doctor now?

I already ship Bill and her crush.

Is the Doctor hinting that these people are stuck in a time loop?
Is this woman with the one light eye (because of Orphan Black I think it's a camera) the pilot from the episode title?

Heh, a friends-only door setting!

Oh, Bristol! It's nice to get out of London.

Aw, that's so sweet of the Doctor to go back in time and take pictures of Bill's mom! That's a typical thing for Moffat and a thing a like (I didn't think there were still things that are both of those!).

"That's my face, yeah?" - "You seem a bit flexible on that subject."
What instead of mirroring, the puddle shows you the image the right way around? I always think I look weird in photos, because I'm more used to seeing my face in the mirror. Maybe it's a portal to a parallel dimension or something.
Ooh, now the Doctor thinks the same thing! Being right with that theory would have been cooler, if I hadn't come up with it only moments before the Doctor, but hey, better than being wrong.
Come on, guys, there's no need to look for something that you have only one one side, when you can just wave a hand!

Is our baddie the water from Waters of Mars?
I totally expected Heather to stand in the shower.

"Is this a knock-through?" HA! Nice new first reaction!
Macaroon dispenser! \o/

"Anywhere at all in the whole university?" Ahaha, nice wordplay!

What's with the Mary Celeste sign in the corner? A hint about the story? What, do we have a self-repairing ship again? A ship that was abandoned or lost its crew some other way and this is why it's looking for a pilot and a passenger?

Pfft, random Sydney visit. Ha, I was just thinking it's weird to think that they had travelled in time, when they could have just travelled to another time zone.

"Are you from space?" - "No, of course not." The continuation of that answer better be "I'm from a planet". ... SCORE! \o/

They seem to be reusing those rock arches again.

Niiice, Bill talked talked the Doctor out of the memory wipe.
So the vault, what's in it, for whom the Doctor is guarding it and why he wants to do that instead of travel is our plot for the season? Although I don't get why you'd have to be there all the time when you can just arrive the same moment you left!

Ah, I wondered where opening the TARDIS door with a snap was. I mean, if you introduce something, you might wanna use it once in a while.

In conclusion: I like Bill a lot.
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nightbulbs: Rockstar Twelve[personal profile] nightbulbs on April 17th, 2017 10:05 am (UTC)
I loved Bill! It was a really nice episode, nothing spectacular perhaps but it made me feel warm inside the way RTD!Who used to, so I enjoyed it a lot.

Man, I'm going to miss Capaldi! What do you think of those new Doctor rumors?
fueschgast[personal profile] fueschgast on April 17th, 2017 06:13 pm (UTC)
Oh god, don't remind me that he's leaving, I'm not ready! What are the rumors?
nightbulbs[personal profile] nightbulbs on April 21st, 2017 08:37 am (UTC)
Me neither!
There were strong rumours that it would be Kris Marshall but the noise seems to have quieted down. I guess they haven't picked anyone yet. I hope it'll be either an experienced actor like Capaldi, or a bold choice.
fueschgast[personal profile] fueschgast on April 21st, 2017 05:10 pm (UTC)
OMG, Kris Marshall, now I'm getting My Life in Film feels! If I had enough icon space over here, I'b be using my Andrew Scott icon for this comment.
I like him, but on the other hand (and although he's should be old enough) he strikes me as a sort of Eleven-style Doctor. Too young, a bit too much on the silly side.

When I recently thought about who I'd like as the next Doctor and if it was a woman, I thought I'd really like Catherine Tate back. In a way it'd be more of the DoctorDonna. But that would probably a bit too nostalic for them to actually do it, especially right after Twelve looking like someone he's met.