24 April 2017 @ 10:12 pm
Doctor Who 10x02 Smile  
Heh, Bill is asking good questions. It's awesome to finally have someone genre-savvy in the TARDIS.
Aw, the Doctor & Bill's platonic flirting is rudely interrupted by Nardole.

Hee, I'm liking the Leia style of the woman in the field.

Some cool names they have in the future.
JFC, Goodthing should have just told Kezzia what the problem with the Vardies is. Maybe if she would have known why she was supposed to smile, she wouldn't have been killed!

That wide shot of the TARDIS, Doctor and companion in a futuristic world reminds me of New Earth (only that in 2x01 it was the Doctor, not the companion, who was having their second adventure). And there's that calm soundtrack too.
"I'm not thinking - my brain's overloading." I imagine I'd have the same reaction.

YES! Finally a companion is taking pictures! I had wondered what took them all so long. I'm glad the Doctor isn't keeping her from doing it. I mean, people would probably just think the pictures are photoshopped, so they're not of much danger. Ooh, that gives me a story idea that I hope to see on the show: Someone in the future has had these pictures for a while and knows that they're real, because for them it's the presence. Something in these photos has come into existence since they've had the pics. And there are more pictures showing things that are still in the (near) future.

Anyway, back to the episode. I was hoping the Doctor would reveal a bit more about why he's stuck on Earth again (how old-school, but luckily this time the TARDIS is still working), but at least I didn't really expect it too happen that soon.
"But what if you get lost? Or stuck or something?" - "I've thought about that." - "And?" - "Well, it would be a worry, so best not to dwell on it." Pfft, way to ignore that! Sooo... is that's where we're going? Will the Doctor get stuck, the vault raided and the universe be in trouble?

Wet brain chauvinism. XD
"I'll never run out of battery again!"

Oh, that took me a bit! I just realized that the Vardies behave similarly to the Vashta Nerada.
Haha, "skeleton crew".

My god, is this episode is perfect to make reaction icons from!

What, Bill actually listens to the Doctor and stays in the TARDIS? I wonder for how long.

Argh, Bill is so awesome!

Oh, so the ship's name is Erehwon! I was trying to read that when they were outside the hull, but couldn't think of any words contain "rehw". Of course I didn't expect the ship to have a backswards name!

Ooh, more people! I'm really liking where the plot went!

Ah, the Reset Button done right! With an actual reset button.