10 May 2017 @ 01:07 am
I just remembered that the previous episode ended with knocking and now we get this episode title - how cruel! As if they would tell us so soon who's in the vault.

Oh, Bill is moving out of her foster mom's place? Good for her!

Isn't that the piece Sherlock played when Jim came to visit? There was floor-creaking too. No knocking, though.

Is the Doctor's Scottish accent more pronounced or am I imagining it?
Oh good, Bill hears at least something about regeneration before she will witness it.

The landlord seems so familiar, but apparently I haven't seen anything he was in. Could I recognize him from Poirot, although I've never seen any of it?
What, does he keep his his daughter in the tower?
Haha, the Doctor trying to silently eat his krupuk.
Aw, a mention of Harriet Jones.

Felicity gets attacked by a tree and finally I'm wondering if the wood in the house and the trees are connected. Is the wood possessed or do we have a wood monster or something?

Oh wow, Pavel has been absorbed the way the LINDA members were by that alien from Clom whose name I can't remember right now.

Oh, the Sonic Screwdriver can also function as a lamp!

Why don't they bring the actual tree people back? I'd still like to see more of them. They were so cool. And not creepy. Also not creaky.

That real family connection was a nice twist!

Wow, I didn't expect the newly departed to come back! Phew!

What, bringing lots of food and sending Nardole away - is the Doctor occasionally going into the vault?
The Doctor is sounding rather friendly with the person in the vault.
Okay, so lots of people getting eaten is entertaining to the prisoner. รด_o
My god, the Doctor is really going in! And how exactly does whoever's inside not escape?
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