06 June 2017 @ 12:56 am
Doctor Who 10x08 The Lie of the Land  
What, the Doctor is spreading lies?

Aw, Bill is having a conversation with her mom! I wonder if these two will ever get to meet for real. And hopefully it won't go wrong like in Father's Day. ...Wait, have I said that already in a previous review?

Oh hey, Magpie again, hee!

"In fact you're regressing." Oh god, I know. Hey, what if cultures are subject to entropy too?
Okay, so the Doctor is actually the Doctor. But then why is he doing what he's doing? Is there a goal he hasn't reached yet and that's why he can't work openly against the Monks yet?
WHAT THE FUCK! That's V for Vendetta-type shit they put Bill through! You don't laugh when you've pulled that shit!
Well, that's nice that they're gonna get Missy out of the vault. You know, if she's still there - after all it has been unguarded for half a year.

Hey, the inside of the vault isn't too bad!
"Properly consenting" I can't believe this bullshit is continuing. If you doing it under duress, it's not consent, goddammit!
Thank fuck we know that the Monks will be defeated another way because they only have this episode left and Bill will be there for at least the rest of the season!

Nardole wouldn't have needed to do the neck pinch if Bill had made the speech she recorded. Wasted chance to do something with Bill. Am I imagining it or is she written as too passive lately?

Maybe it would work if Bill with her transmitter powers was part of the mindmeld?

Bill wants to the mindmeld alone, which will apparently fry her, so to keep the Doctor from stopping her, he's tied up. Reminds me of Ten having to watch River die. EXCEPT YOU FUCKERS ARE TOTALLY NOT GONNA KILL BILL!
The Doctor managed to free himself, but he's not removing Bill from the Monk - why?!
Well, okay, if Bill can manage and survive the mindmeld by herself, I'm all for it!

What, is Missy actually turning good? Would be easier for me to believe, if this was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. God I love that show, it's so sweet and positive.