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Orphan Black 5x01 The Few Who Dare

Does the village have a freaking temple?!

You can hear that Skyler has grown.
Nice MacGyvering by Sarah.
What the hell was that? Are there science-accident people on the island?

I like Mud's hair. Reminds me of Pippi Longstockings.
So the village even has a clinic! I'm somewhat reminded of Lost.

170! Okay, so if we have precedent with Westmorland, I really wonder if we're going for immortality (or at least longevity) with the LEDA sisters and Kira. After all Kira and Helena have shown to heal suspiciously fast. Will the supernatural element of Kira's empathic connection to the clones be addressed though?

Ugh, why couldn't they make Angie Art's new partner? Yeah, yeah, because we would have trusted her not to be a potential Neo.

The fountain? What, of youth?

Thank fuck Felix fixed that atrocious haircut from last season!

Ugh, Matty doesn't even make a secret of being a Neo!

Pfft, Donnie running away with the case! Anyway, I'm assuming his plan is to get Helena to help rescue Alison.

Hey, if being on the island makes you better, I'm really reminded of Lost!

No, they can't send Delphine away again! Argh, can't these 2 just be together?!
But heh, to Sardinia. Italy and longevity make me think of Alias. Rambaldi specifically - who had a cult too, by the way, and its symbol was a an eye. Iiiinteresting!

What, we'll finally get to see Westmorland?
Ugh, just Rachel. What is she on? Is there even a man behind the curtain?
Oh good, Sarah's found her way to the village. It's probably the safest place.

Oh shit, Helena!

Helpful Rachel is creepy!