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Orphan Black 5x02 Clutch of Greed

What, is Sarah back at Dyad?

Huh, Rachel is back too.
Her more voluminous hair kinda weirds me out.
Aw, they could go back to their old home! I like that house.
Okay, more than Rachel's slightly new hair style her new behaviour is weirding me out.

Huh, can Helena really feel that one of her babies isn't okay? And how not okay is it?

Aw, back home!
"Won't you choke on your own vomit." Oh, Shiobhan! ♥

Homeroom teacher - ah, so they have that sort of thing over there too.
"Sorry about your accident." - "Yeah, it was a bitch." hahaha.

Aw yeah, Ira working for the clone side!

Ooh, the baby healed itself! *facepalm* Why didn't I see it coming?!

So the first we get to see of Westmoreland is an old photo (Stop with the suspense and just show the guy!). But, hey, at least it's with Arthur Conan Doyle!
Westmoreland! His face looks familiar. Lemme check the IMDb... ah, I know him from an early episode of JAG! Also possibly The X-Files.

"I'm not going to hit you, Ferdinand." Oh shit. That relationship is ruined for him then.

Ooh, so where is it that Helena wants to hide?

I have a feeling Sarah won't manage to hide Kira and herself. After all she's the mainest of main characters.

Ooh, nice, Sarah finds more use for that Rachel wig! Look at her, owning no white clothes, haha.
Mmm, teacher!Shiobhan. Aw yeah, this rescue is well planned!

Oh shit, of course Helena's escape would be gruesome. I hope that doc is a Neo, so she actually deserved it.

Ugh, shit, Sarah probably just led Ferdinand to Mika. ...Of course she did! Good thing Mika is keeping an eye on things.

JFC, Ferdinand is so fucking nuts.

Holy shit, Kira knows Mika is dead.
Didn't expect that the escape would be thwarted by Kira refusing to go.

Delphine! \o/