19 June 2017 @ 10:37 pm
Doctor Who 10x10 The Eaters of Light  
If the Doctor didn't have a female incarnation so far, how could he have been a Vestal?

Flourishes on her skin and earlier we saw a raven - any connection to 9x10 Face the Raven?

10 episodes in and only now Bill gets to experience the TARDIS's translation wittingly.
"Oh my god, it even does lip sync." Ahaha!

Huh, the Mary Celeste is mentioned again. A hint that the story from 10x01 will be continued?
In a cave time moves at a different speed than outside - oh yeah, I remember that Stargate Atlantis episode, it was good!
Aw, for a moment I thought Nardole said "Lusatia" (it's a region nearby where I live), but it was only "Lusitania".

Oh hey, it's Bala-Tik!
Heh, that conversation about sexual orientation.

Ugh, I miss the Doctor of S9. Why is he starting to revert to being unlikable?!

"Shift your arse, Roman!" XD

*sigh* Something's not right with the latest episodes. The season started out so well, but then it got meh. I'm not sure what it is - pacing, maybe? It feels like Classic Who: things are happening, but it doesn't feel like it. The stories sound good in summary, but watching them isn't as interesting.