23 July 2017 @ 02:21 am
...on Flightradar24 and discovered the prettiness of the Outback. I wish they had links in all these places to explain how they came to look that way.

And if you zoom in, you'll find colorful layers.

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21 July 2017 @ 05:24 pm
So many questions I'm still wondering about. And I'm hoping that because of the new Doctor we'll finally get some answers.

Are Time Lords & Ladies are always cisgender? Because so far we've only seen the Time Ls who've changed sex behave the way it's socially expected of that sex. They accept the associated pronouns and looks. Could that be described as genderfluid from incarnation to incarnation (though not within an incarnation)?

Missy seemed only half aware of her new sex, yet she called herself Missy and was conforming to it in others ways too. It certainly didn't seem to bother her. What's that? Does that still count as cis? Or is that in a way "gender neutral", that Time Ls will conform to whatever body they find themselves in?

Does gender dysphoria not exist for Time Ls? We've heard complaints from the General, but was that just because being male was an annoyance some way or did she actually feel properly unhappy in a male body?

Do Time L's mostly get the sex that corresponds with their gender idenity? Like if a Time Lady feels female, she'll only occasionally - if ever - regenerate into a man? So if a Time L felt comfortable with either sex, could they be expected to change sex several times?
16 July 2017 @ 06:36 pm
When #Doctor13 started trending on Twitter, I started following the hashtag until I finally found a working livestream around 17:00. My god did the BBC take their time with the post-Wimbledon-finale stuff! 17:20 my mom called. Had I bet against her about the gender of the new Doctor, she would have won (I didn't take it, because I thought either gender was equally possible and what if they cast a trans actor?). Then 17:29 we finally got the announcement. I was still on the phone with my mom and described the clip to her.

That cloak was quite figure-hiding and then there was the equally unhelpful hood. Something about the legs, I thought, seemed to hint at a woman though, while the hand was unrevealing again.
Then we saw her clearly feminine eyes. And then her face, which was unfamiliar to me. Helpfully they provided a name. So then I had a look at Jodie Whittaker's IMDb page.

  • Born 1982? My god, she's my age! I thought she looked older, you know, more grown up. But maybe that's just because I fail to fully identify as an adult.
  • She was on Broadchurch! You know, that show with David Tennant, heh! So apparently (that was before I'd found the livestream) DT appeared in the Wimbledon stands some minutes before the clip was played. Maybe that had been more of a hint than we thought.
  • She's been on a show called "Doctors", heh.
  • A blonde? Still not ginger! Unless we haven't seen her properly in character yet.
  • So, a women. They got that item ticked off and relieved the fan pressure for maybe the span of 2 of the following incarnations, I'd estimate.
  • Shit, I hope people will like her! Otherwise we're in danger of people declaring that a female Doctor doesn't work.
  • Hehehehe... heh. "You know how I'm usually all about women and kind of people my own age?" There's a possibility that Bill could come back and while I don't like the idea of her having a thing for both Heather and the Doctor, I like the idea that the Doctor is suddenly Bill's type.
14 July 2017 @ 11:16 pm
Holy shit, I thought we'd have to wait until Christmas to finally find out! But also: Noooo, I'm not ready to say goodbye to Peter Capaldi! Until that tweet I had hope that Thirteen would look a lot like Twelve*, so we could keep PC a bit longer. But I doubt they'd do such an event only to anticlimactically reveal that the new Doctor actor is the old one.

* It should be possible, because didn't Romana consciously influence her new look? And Twelve really doesn't want to change anymore, so maybe he could regenerate into a very similar look.