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fueschgast ([personal profile] fueschgast) wrote2017-05-25 02:51 am

Doctor Who 10x06 Extremis

"...the sentence must be carried out by another Time Lord." All I can think now is that it's Missy in the Vault. And that the Doctor put her there so he wouldn't be executed. It doesn't seem like his style to go so far for self-preservation, but maybe that wasn't his motivation. Maybe he did it so he could continue saving the Earth and people and such?
"The prisoner will kneel." And Missy kneels. And there goes my theory! ...Ooh, but how about this: It's still Missy in the Vault and the Doctor put her there, but it was so she wouldn't be executed?

It is Missy!

Wow, those glasses are super helpful!
Huh, the Pope! That's funny timing, as in RL he's in the news right now due to the Trump visit.

Poor Bill is having her date constantly interrupted - by her foster mom, by the TARDIS and then even the freaking Pope!

That's totally Nardole. Aw, River's diary! Ah, finally an explanation of how Nardole got from River to the Doctor.

How come Pope Angelina Jolie's portrait shows herself and not a guy? You'd hope the Vatican peeps would be that cool with having a female pope, but (from what I remember from documentaries) they weren't then and aren't now.

What a pretty library!

Ooh, CERN!

What, the Doctor actually zapped Missy? Or did they just secretly do something that only makes it look as if he did?

Did someone with a p- or alliteration-obsession or write this episode? Particle physicists, priests and now the Pentagon?!

Sooo... did they just blow up CERN? Or was that not the real CERN? If it wasn't real, when did the Doctor and Co. get into this unreality?
WHOA, WTF is happening?!?

"The President has not been seen in public for at least 12 hours." the crawl reads. Hahahaha, good news!
Oh, they're in the White House?! Aw, they recast the President. ...That's another p-word, by the way.
I like the explanation of why the random numbers are the same.

Oh, right, River's diary! I had forgotten we'd seen it this episode although I was reminded of its first eps! You know, with the people saved on computers, living in simulations.

Oh, so that's where it all started! Phew, I was worried we had been watching the shadow world for longer.

Okay, that was rather open-ended (ugh, don't tell me that was the set-up for the season finale instead of the next ep [because this feels too huge for something mid-season], I don't want to wait that long - it'll probably only be disappointing then, because of too much buildup), but still such a good episode!
The soundtrack was particularly Sherlock this ep.