31 March 2019 @ 03:43 am
Only found clips of the anime, but it's enough to get a good idea of it. Meh, it's still ugly. Usagi's original voice actress is the only good thing about it. Okay, the translation is better and it's apparently a faithful adaptation of the manga, but it's still so ugly! Oh and the Senshi sound like they're on helium/autotune or something. Especially Ami. WTF?!

Pfft, original!Nephrite's voice is now Crystal!Usagi's dad's! There are probably much more such gems in there.
Or at least the German-dubbed version. Because I just found out that they brought back the voice actress who voiced Usagi in the first season of the original anime!
So I clicked to investigate. ‘Supernatural’ to End After Season 15 on The CW.

1. I actually didn't see that coming.
2. Nooo, I'm not ready!
11 February 2019 @ 04:22 am
...and then I'll be up to date on all my shows. Dammit, what is with this season? I meant to get stuff done today, but I can't stop watching one episode after another. Ugh, Dean is still my woobiest woobie and I love him 5ever! Also, I'm totally using this post to have a break from the most stressful episode.
31 January 2019 @ 07:27 pm
I finally resumed my Doctor Who watching yesterday, but didn't have enough to say to type up proper reviews. The good thing about that is that I managed to watch the rest of the season in one go.

reviewy bits )
05 January 2019 @ 06:05 am
Since Easter 2016 my sister was giving me the Sailor Moon manga volumes in installments on gift-giving days, and since last Christmas my collection is finally complete. I can't remember why I decided that I need them, but I expect it started with Sailor Moon Crystal. I know I discussed the new anime with a fellow Muse fan over on Facebook. We must have discussed information from the manga that was withheld from watchers of the original anime and things that were changed in dubbed versions. So I wanted to know all these things, and while reading wikia articles is fun, why not go straight to the source material? Especially since there had been a new translation into German that people said was very good.

I had started reading the first volume the day I got it, but soon stopped, because the manga proved addictive and its chapters ended in cliffhangers. You know, I didn't want to read all the way to the last volume I currently owned only to find myself at a cliffhanger. So I waited until I had all volumes.

It's a bit heavy on the romance sometimes and I find that somewhat annoying. But it's very nice to finally see Usagi/Mamoru not as one-sided as the anime made it feel. Speaking of Mamoru: Whoa, he has some powers?! Holy shit, there's a wealth of information that was omitted from the anime (and I'm only 5 of 12 volumes into the manga)! All the things I had wondered about/wanted to see more of are there in the manga! And I realized that I had forgotten some things about the anime (What, but my last rewatch was only 9 year ago?!). I couldn't remember the hair/outfit colors (the manga is in black/white) of some villains or put a name to some of them. That and because I want to check on some plot bits, makes me want to rewatch the anime. From what I can remember of the show, it looks like its makers thought it was better to give it a monster-of-the-week format and save the meaty parts for the story finales (Maybe they thought kids don't have an attention span longer than 2 episodes?), as a result those parts of the story were massively truncated, while they had to come up with more evil redshirts and stories for them. What a shame.

The problem with a rewatch though is that I have only the first 3 DVD sets (of 10), so I need to seriously pace myself. The sets are expensive, you know, and there are only 2 or 3 gift-giving days a year. Or I'd have to find the rest of the episodes on YouTube again. I suspect that by now they've been removed.
03 January 2019 @ 01:46 am
The new year has started and people are doing resolutions. A friend asked for ours, so I put together a comment, which I think I should share here:

I don't do new-year's resolutions, but I'll list some things I want to do. I've been more miserable lately, so these are the things that I think would help:

  • Stop obsessing about building a complete, faithful-to-the-books Hogwarts in Minecraft. It would take a fuckload of effort to make it work and I don't have the time or energy, so of course the project would make me miserable. Maybe only build important parts of the castle, without trying to connect them all.

  • Scale down the iconmaking again :o/, so I have time for productivity and TV shows.

  • Catch up on TV shows. It's important because they make me happy.

  • Resume the salad-eating. I think this latest phase of exhaustion & extreme unproductivity might have started when I gave up on my veggies. I stopped because it was such an unsatisfactory meal, at least when I make the salads myself. Even if taking up vegetables again doesn't help against the exhaustion, at least I'll eat healthier again.

  • Post more on LJ & Dw and try to be less shy about commenting.
16 December 2018 @ 05:07 pm
A few weeks ago I was pretty happy with my productivity - naturally that ended soon and I'm currently at a point again where even preparing meals is such a chore. Which is also why I haven't posted.

That Fantastic Beasts review is still coming, I just need to find the time to transcribe my notes and elaborate on them. By now I've seen the movie. That was helpful, because I find the script form with its very short descriptions a bit confusing. Like, was that bit meant literally or figuratively? With a real book that would have been clear - most times (I remember that bit from HBP where it said that Snape flew - was that actually supposed to mean that he moved through the air? After all there was that previous bit of Snape resembling a bat and why not just use "flee"?)

Had a busy real-life week, went out on 3 days! On Tuesday I saw Fantastic Beasts with my mom, on Thursday we went to the somewhat nearby Pulsnitz (source of the bestest gingerbread there is) to stock up on gingerbread, yesterday we met up with some members of our extended family.

I'm still behind on all my shows! It's not that I lost interest in them - I just can't find the time. For Doctor Who, which is still my main fandom, I don't even want to make time, as there's no danger of spoilers. I think these long breaks between seasons have killed the fandom over here. So naturally the news that the next season would air in 2020 was pretty frustrating. Are they trying to kill the show?! About Supernatural I'm feeling a bit more excited than I usually do these days, because of the casting news I've been waiting for for years!

My Minecraft obsession has reached a new level since I got serious about building a faithful-to-the-books Hogwarts. I seriously need help, because I know that something that complex is pretty much unachievable, yet that hasn't discouraged me. TALK ME OUT OF IT! The hours I have wasted on designing Gryffindor (and Ravenclaw, because symmetry) tower! This is too serious business to me, I needed to give the dorms desks (because the common room would have to be too huge to be a living & homework room for 70 students) and adjacent bathrooms (because anything else would be child abuse), figure out a visually pleasing way to make a round common room and 2 round dorm towers (if you put girls and boys in the same tower on alternating floors, it would make the build too high, and if you use one tower with 2 dorms on the same floor, you either don't get the nice round room or you waste too much precious space by putting 2 round rooms into that round building). See, SRS BSNS!
26 November 2018 @ 04:30 am
Holy twist ending, Batman! (Though I'm not sure yet if I can or even need to accept it.)

More later. Lotsa notes to transcribe.
25 November 2018 @ 10:41 pm
On Friday I had a movie night with my friend. She wanted to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which suited me as preparation for the next installment. She didn't like the movie enough to want to watch the sequel though. Hardly surprising, as she kept letting herself get distracted by her fucking phone and towards the end was so tired that she almost fell asleep. Argh, one day I need to find the courage to tell her to put that device away from time to time.

In completely unfrustrating news: The Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay has arrived! See you guys later!