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fueschgast ([personal profile] fueschgast) wrote2017-06-12 01:15 am

Doctor Who 10x09 Empress of Mars

Capaldi needs to stop with the creepy grin.

OMG, that circular Gallifreyan on the Doctor's screen! The lower word is written in an actually existing, fan-made version of Gallifreyan! ...Just checked if the upper word is written in the same version and it says "red", so yes.

The Doctor just mentioned indigenous Martians - why doesn't Bill ask him about them?!

Where is the TARDIS going and why? What's her plan?

Heh, steampunk!

Hee, that Queen Victoria painting is of the actress who played her on the show.

Why doesn't Friday speak? And why does he play servant for these guys?

I don't know, I think that thing with Bill and films has gone on long enough this episode. Give it a rest and let her be useful!

The Empress sounds like another Empress, the one of the Racnoss.

OMG, Alpha Centauri! One of my faves from Classic Who!

Well, that episode felt short. Not in a good way.