02 May 2017 @ 05:20 am
Doctor Who 10x03 Thin Ice  
I always wonder how people know if a lake/river is frozen enough to go on the ice. And like, have a fair on it or bring a freaking elephant.
Bill worries about being black in this time and the Doctor recommends dressing up. So basically his advice again is to just walk around like you own the place.
Oh, a humongous fish - is that the reason this was the last frost fair?

Oh dear, not a life form! But I guess the TARDIS thinks showing the size of it on a map is enough and requires no words.
All that talk about Pete and stepping on butterflies would hurt less, if the Father's Day episode didn't exist or the Doctor had chosen a different name.

Oh cool, can the fish beam people through the ice?

Nicely diverse cast so far!
Phew, I'm glad the kids are just tricksters. I was worried there actually had been a dog, but it got eaten by the fish.
My god, the Doctor's reaction was cold.

Ooh, but I love Bill's reaction! Awesome acting by Pearl!

"Alright, you guys hang tight. Laters. ... I was being all down with the kids there, did you notice?" - "Yeah, my hair was cringing." - "Awesome." - "Please stop." XD

Hahaha, he's Dr. Disco again!
LOL, the Doctor just held that "reason > passion" speech and now he's punching Sutcliffe.

Wait, when was it established that the humongous fish is female?

Whoa, there's someone inside the vault?!
And can I just say how glad I am that those weren't 4 knocks? ...Although, now that I think about it, it could still mean the end of this incarnation of the Doctor. We know this is Capaldi's last season and I think we can expect the content of the vault to be revealed in the season finale.

This was a very nice episode again and Bill is still awesome.