18 May 2016 @ 11:34 pm
Orphan Black 4x05 Human Raw Material  
Oh, will we finally get to see Krystal again? I want to know how she dealt with waking up in DYAD. ...Yes \o/! Now we only need to see Tony again.

I miss the old Sadler/Manning house. And by the way (because this still bothers me), how did Siobhan earn money?!
Gah, this show is terrible with dates. First they showed Aynsley's grave saying she died in 2014 - when it should should have been December (or even still November?) '13. Now Sarah's phone says it's November. By my estimation it should be March (2014). Unless we made a big jump. Also, her phone just made a noise, but it says that message arrived 2 hours ago. Stop messing with me, you cruel people!

Hee, the pretty chart Alison made!
AHA! Something suspicious about Fe's bio sis. Or maybe not. We'll see.

Hee, I love Donnie discussing his character.

And there's Krystal again! The way she's walking in there with music reminds me of Alias - ah, good times (and now the chart reminds me of Alias too). Well, I guess now the time has come and she'll find out about her sisters.

OMG, Donnie's face when he sees Krystal! The dip in the soundtrack was perfect too.
"I have to go... shit." XD Wait, is this how you Get Crap Past the Radar?!

D'oh, now the drugs come back to bite the Hendrixes in the ass!
And Art too! Not fair.

"You dumped Helena on us 3 months ago." Okay, let me think... Helena lived with the Hendrixes since the middle of season 3, when it should have been January, so now it should be April. Okay, so a month has passed in half a season - that's pretty fast for this show! I'm suspecting that one day we'll get a big jump forward, because of the kids (who age more visibly in a few years than adults do) on this show.

OMG, I knew they'd get to Cosima instead of Krystal!
Wow, I hadn't expected such an honest conversation.

Gah, did you have to make it so suspenseful with the reveal if Felix and Adele really are siblings? Anyway, I'm relieved that Adele is for real and hope that Felix and Sarah will now get along again.

Oh shit, Susan has a good incentive there for Cosima to share the original genome!

Whoa, can Kira actually sense the clones' emotions?!