16 August 2017 @ 09:53 pm
I did take review notes, but fuck those, there's nothing interesting in there anyway. Ugh, I expected this to be a proper finale, but it was just a whole fucking Dénouement Episode. What a disappointment. I need to be forewarned about this sort of stuff!
And it's not just any episode, it's the fucking finale! And yet my Life on Mars rewatch has priority. That's because I'm finally making progress, due to postponing the icon-making part until after the rewatch. So now it's every day an ep, unless I have something real-lifey planned (thanks to cap making, watching one episode can take up a whole day). And LoM isn't just the priority so I get the rewatch finished, it's also because now it's an obsession. I really, really love this show and it hit me again full force during 2x04.

But now it's almost over again, so I have decided to rewatch Ashes to Ashes to counter the withdrawal. I can even fit that in my day without losing any time! Because I won't be capping or writing reviews (see [community profile] lifein1973's rewatch tag for the latter) I can watch while I'm on the crosstrainer.

Anyway, I can't believe I'm putting off the Orphan Black finale! Never thought that would happen. On the other hand, I'm scared of any more characters getting killed off, so that probably helps me avoid the ep. It's planned for tomorrow, though. I can do it! I'm expecting a happy ending over all ...you know, except for the potential deaths.