24 May 2016 @ 01:17 am
Orphan Black 4x06 The Scandal of Altruism  
Ooh, more Beth!
Did she pretend to be Krystal?
Beth knew about Susan?!

Haha, Art and Krystal.

"Christ, a Castor!" - "Actually I'm a Libra."
Whoa, Sarah's bot is supposed to activate the sickness?
I don't understand - wasn't the Castor pathogen something they had edited into the Castor boys' DNA, not something that was already in Kendall's?

What about Beth's father?

Whoa, Cos is connecting the Brightborn hard drive directly to her and Scott's computer! I had expected them to be careful and put their stuff on an extra hard drive, connect the Brightborn to the extra one, then throw the latter away.

Seriously, if Beth had blood on her hands, who did she kill/injure? I can't think of any character we know.

Is that Ira, trying to get his genome from Kendall?

Oh god, the deerstalker! Isn't that a bit too much plaid in one outfit?
"From the Yard." - "What yard?"
"...from London." - "You said Scotland!"

Whoa, Krystal saw Delphine's (attempted) murder! And maybe she saved and hid her? Pretty please?

It wasn't Ira?!

Dammit, Duko!
Hm, he seems like he could be an okay guy, under the right circumstances.

Gah, a trojan! I knew it! Why didn't Cos and Scott think of it?!

Oh, Evie Cho is our new villain?
And what a villain, holy shit! Too much downer ending (though you still can't tell me that Delphine is actually dead), help! ;_;