07 June 2016 @ 03:59 am
Orphan Black 4x08 The Redesign of Natural Objects  
Ha, nice soundtrack!
Oh Donnie, why do you think bragging would be a good idea?!
Whoa, even in jail there are Neos!

Ha, "glitch" calls Rachel her vision of a swan. I thought the same thing, but I didn't mention it, because it made me think of the Castor disease. That's not where they're going with this, is it? And how would it be possible?
Is Rachel lying or does she actually start to have sisterly feelings for Ira?
The way Ira says "passion helps" is cute.

Cos calls Sarah "sestra" and reminds me of Helena's existence. Where did she go and when will we see her again?
I wish Mika would get more specific than "in the North". Or does she mean in the North of Canada?

Ha, Adele is back!

Dammit, Siobhan! Don't do it! He's an asshole, but he's still a police officer!

Ha, Kira is just shutting Sarah's labtop, because otherwise she wouldn't listen.

At least Cos & Scott have some lab notes left. Hey, that's better than I thought!

"How much does she know?" Helpfully Adele takes over. And impresses me with showing off her lawyery knowledge.

Aw, a mention of Raj!

Oh, there's the high chimney again. I like how they use it as a reference point from one scene to the next.

I don't know why Duko doesn't just watch Felix's apartment. Would be a much easier way to find Sarah.
Ugh, couldn't Alison just tell Felix what's wrong and try and devise a plan?

Ah, there's new hope, because Cos thought of a new approach!
I'm constantly wondering if Tatiana's eyes are brown or green, but his episode her eyes look so green.
I'm also constantly wondering how she manages to play all these different characters so well. Seriously, she deserves all the awards!

Ooh, who's the guy from Rachel's vision?

No, Ali, don't start drinking again!
Ha, swearing in German again!

OMFG, Alison better didn't just really hand Sarah over and there's a plan! At least from Sarah's side there should be one, as Art should have gotten some incriminating info from Mika by now.
Wow, can Sarah Stubbs sing!
Okay, the way Felix is looking at his phone, makes me think there is a plan.

Thank fuck, there was a plan! \o/

Ah, torturing Duko, that's better! He deserves to suffer, not die quickly.
"Don't do it before the question!"
And then she did it. God, that better not come back to haunt them.

Okay, but would putting the Castor sperm and Leda egg really work the way they want it? I mean, you can't put these 2 together and get the same outcome, the way parents can put their genes together and don't have the same kid twice! Someone explain to me how this is supposed to work!

"Yes, I'm sure you're very excited about your contribution, Ira."
Ooh, Rachel wants to go back and work with Sarah - this is gonna be interesting!

Oh, so we are talking about the North of Cananda?