20 June 2016 @ 01:48 am
Orphan Black 4x10 From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths  
OMFG, I'm so slow! In the Previously we get a scene of Rachel's visions and "It isn't a glitch. Someone's trying to show me something." and finally I realized that someone hacked her camera eye! Maybe it took the knowledge that these people aren't from another time or far away for me to finally get how these visions are possible.
Is Delpine the one who's trying to make contact?

Feels so weird to see DYAD again. But finally we'll get to see what happened to her after she got shot!
Krystal accidentally saved Delphine! \o/

They developed a cure \o/! Could this actually be a positive season finale or will something terrible happen before it's over?
Well, that was fast! Susan didn't just log Cosima out, did she?

Dr. van Lier is the new CEO of Brightborn and now I'm worrying he's not the good guy he seemed. I mean, so far we had only Delphine's rescue to judge him.

Oh, if Ira can't get in touch with Susan, then I guess it wasn't her who logged Cos out. As I've learned from Star Wars: "A communications disruption can only mean one thing: Invasion." - holy shit, are the other people on the island taking it over?

"Hello, Sarah." says Rachel and hits her breakfast egg. I find this very amusing.
Rachel says that van Lier is Evie Cho's personal doc. Oh, we had seen him before! Gah, I have a memory like a sieve!

The soundtrack to Cosima's nosebleed scene is making it a percieved 1000% harder to watch. It punches you in the chest.

Man, this show's casting! I don't care that the people at this table are evil, it's just so nice to see that several of the conspirators are women.
Holy murdering personal physician, Batman! "You built it, let it take you." I totally cackled there.

I think I kinda ship Rachel/Ferdinand.

Reeeally didn't expect Krystal to come naive out of a Clone Club initiation!

"He has his socks on."

Oh, okay, so the other island people haven't taken over, but I expect we'll still meet them this episode.
Dammit, Susan, you can't just lock Cosima in!

Ah, Krystal, still investigating. :o)

Oh, so that's the favor they needed from her.
Sarah?! Ha, the show people must be unhappy if they don't get Sarah to impersonate every clone. I should have seen it's Sarah, the wig looks cheep and doesn't have roots! I guess what Sarah and Co. needed from Krystal were just her clothes.

Nice cut to what Krystal is up to at the moment.

Huh, we're actually back to Rachel being the main villain. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, RACHEL? Very much like in real life though, the evil person hates a group of which they themselves are a member.

Art critiquing Felix's art, hee.

Ooh, a map of the island. So they are aware of the other people there!
I guess that means Cos won't have to be in that room for long.

I swear that now Skyler Wexler really has aged visibly.
It's nice that Kira is understanding of Sarah having to go away.

Ah, Charlotte to the rescue! I like how Cosima is helped by her mini-me.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting really bad vibes from that argument in the kitchen. I'll be surprised if Susan isn't murdered by Rachel.
OMG, then Susan tells her daughter that she regrets making her and Rachel turns towards the knives!

Sarah is laying down the gun. Judging by how the camera followed that movement, that can only come back to bite her in the ass.
See! Dammit, why is Rachel still there?! Or why hasn't Susan said anything about it?
Well, okay, at least Rachel wasn't the one who took the gun.
But then she takes it from Susan. Argh, this is a rollercoaster, I can't handle it!


Oh, hey, Chopin's Nocturne In E-Flat Major, Op. 9 No. 2! I know that classical piece, thanks to Muse.
Anyway, nice of Rachel to patch her mother up.
"He's getting capricious in his old age." and then "Who is? - "You know." HOLY FUCKING RAMBALDI! WESTMORLAND IS STILL ALIVE!

Oh, it was Cosima who took the cure! Thank fuck!
I like that - judging by her lashes - Delphine doesn't bother with make up on the island. Also that her curls are back.

Dammit, Ferdinand!

Whoa, a non-malicious smile on Rachel's face looks so weird.