24 May 2017 @ 11:48 pm
Zombies! In space! ...Spacesuit zombies remind me of the Silence in the Library two-parter.

Hey, I do love the info on how exactly you die in space, but why is he telling his students that? "What's this got to do with crop rotation?" Oh, so that's what he's supposed to teach!

I like that Bill asks for reviews. Yeah, some info about the places would make it easier to choose which to pick!

Ah, the airshell around the TARDIS is making a comeback.

Wait, if the suits have a force field, why did the people in the teaser wear helmets?

"You look like you're trying to run. Would you like some help with that?" XD
I wish they had credited Velma. The voice sounds familiar, so I want to know if I've heard that actress before. Or maybe I'm just recognizing the accent, which I suspect is the General American accent you hear from voice actors.

Ooh, finally another Crespallion!
"Great, we rescued a racist." Ahahahaha.

Phew, I was worried they'd spring a surprise regeneration on us, but the Doctor's only blind. Really, he has something in the TARDIS that'll fix his eyes?

Oh wow, I didn't expect this episode to kill Bill twice! Okay, the first time she survived, but how is she supposed to survive now? Or are the people in the suit just sort of paused and only die if the suits walk around outside the station?

"Like every worker everywhere we're fighting the suits." Hahaha, nice pun!

Whoa, the Doctor can't see again?! It looked like he did see after the treatment, because he looked at Ivan who didn't speak. Okay, so how long will that blindness last? I can't imagine them keeping that up for the rest of the season. Would be something new though and representation is always nice!
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