Bill, I love you - but why do you think it's a good idea to tell your date that your tutor's an alien?! And she tells her even more! I don't know, I don't like that way of recapping. It could have been a clever way to do it, but not by telling someone things you wouldn't tell them!
OH MY GOD, I can't believe Bill is having her RL date with Penny interrupted too! By the UN Secretary General no less.
How do you know the pyramid is 5000 years old, when it only appeared a day ago? Did it vanish from somewhere where there was a 5000-year-old pyramid?

A little person! I haven't made a list, but I'm pretty sure this season is more diverse that previous ones.

Are the Monks related to the Silence? Their mouths aren't synchronous with their speaking and they're also tall with long fingers.

Did the floaty card in the Doctor's glasses just say Bill is 26? Bit hard to tell. Maybe 24.

Did that light out the pyramid just interrupt the Doctor confessing his blindness to Bill?

Oh, so asking the Monks for help to avert catastrophe is to allow them to rule over you. Huh, this has gone exactly the way I thought it would. So I am right in considering them a sort of comment on Trump and the like? Because what they've said earlier sounded like it and there was even a mention of the doomsday clock (which had moved closer to midnight when Trump was elected).
Why would you just look at the "proof" your wannabe overlords offer you? They probably aren't trustworthy and seeing that stuff will make you more likely to believe them! What a stupid move!

And what makes the Doctor think that the Monks are honest about the clock? Or that it isn't them who will bring about the end of the Earth? I mean, sure, from what we're getting to see, he's right. But what does he base this on??

Jeez, this time the Doctor was definitely about to tell Bill the truth and this time an idea gets in the way!

Ugh, so many other things to rant about, but I can't be bothered.
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