07 June 2017 @ 03:01 am
44th monthly picspam  
Huh, differently colored flowers growing out of the same plant.

So my mom's ex-husband has moved here and has a garden plot. He lets her use it in exchange for some garden help. :oD

A lock with the letters M & U in the same font as the Muse logo. Why yes, I am easily amused.

Several people have ponds in their gardens, one even has a turtle. :oD

...And at least 3 frogs. :oD

I wanted to drink my morning coffee on my balcony, so I put the chair out. But when I came back with my coffee, the seat was already taken.

Easter eggs decorated as chickens, and a book on keeping chickens, because family friend wants to acquire some chickens.

This tulip's stigma has 4 lobes instead of 3, and the stamens are different too.

I got my cat a meadow.

Yay, she likes it!

I put the meadow on a cupboard, so my cat wouldn't eat all the grass before it has had time to grow. Sometimes I let her get up on the cupboard, but then one day she actually pushed the meadow off! Why?! HOW?! The flowerbox didn't survive, but I could save the plants.

Sitting so neatly.

She still fits under her cat tree!