Ooh, Rachel can finally leave her room!
Oh, it's in the basement! And that's a freakily long staircase.
Oh, snow in April? Either that's the weather being crazy again or that house is far north (or south). Ooh, it's the house from Heroes Reborn!

Dammit, if there's one family I need to get along, it's Sarah's!

Ah, Scott, my precious. I have hope in you and your hopefulness. We need some hope back after the last episode.

Oh wow, it's the first time we actually see Alison acting like a Christian. Her necklace isn't just decoration after all.
ALISON SAID "SCHEI├čE"! She swore in German, heeee. I wonder what they'll do with that in the German dub.
Oh wow, it's actually someone's birthday. You know, if it's April, there should have been a whole bunch of clone birthdays we've just missed.

Good for the naive clones that they'll finally be left alone. Hopefully there's still a list of them though, so the self-aware ones can get them treated, if they ever find a cure for the disease.
Man, I hope Evie's treatment of Rachel & Susan will finally make them (and Ira) join forces with Sarah & Co. Come on!

Really nice of Dizzy to watch out for Sarah.

Ominous gun cleaning. Is Siobhan getting ready to shoot Evie?

Wow, ace parenting by Rachel, telling Charlotte point-blank she's dying.

"It's like babysitting some football hooligan."

Whoa, didn't see that one coming. That's super shitty timing for arresting the Hendrixes!

"This time she's following Beth." Wow, super creepy. Good thing Sarah is such an important character, so we know that she'll be rescued or dissuaded somehow.

Jesus fucking Christ, Cosima, don't put that bot in your face!

Oh, thank fuck Cos is picking up the phone! HALLEFUCKINGLUJAH, there's hope for Delphine!

Felix, you lifesaver! ♥

Ooh, why is Mika contacting Kira?
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