11 February 2017 @ 05:41 am
New Year's view from my desk (through a fly screen).

For our traditional New Year's dinner I wore the frangipani hairpins and earrings my sister had given me for Christmas.

She bought them when she visited Hawaii.

Shared a sushi platter with my sister and I finally learned (I never keep track at the all you can eats) how many pieces I can eat until I'm full. 18 - which conveniently was half the platter.

Heh, this play ("Sherlock Holmes and the Chicks of Eastwick") is clearly inspired by BBC's Sherlock. Look at that font, look at that face and hair!

Proper snow! :oD

Before we went out to celebrate sister's birthday, I set off a little confetti cannon. D'oh, I hadn't expected small, unhandy pieces in there that would be hard to pick up. We had to vacuum them up before leaving, so the cat wouldn't eat them.

Misteltoe growing out of a tree?

My best friend crocheted me a Yoda!

Sun pillar.

Went to the merch shop to order myself a Hufflepuff scarf (the Fantastic Beasts version). This is the money tray they have there.

She just sat down on the keyboard (which opened a lot of windows) and wouldn't get up, although the computer was beeping in protest.

Meanwhile my mom's cat discovered that the Christmas tree is fun. This is the 3rd cat in our family, but the first one to climb the tree!

Dangling snow, hee.

Snow-covered turf grid.

Had commissioned Hufflepuff-crest (the Pottermore version) earrings from a friend of my sister's, but only knew the 1st letter of her last name. Turned out that in that building complex there are 4 names starting with that letter, so I had the chance to take snow photos in this cute, village-like part of the city while I waited for my mom to ask that friend for her last name on FB.

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