02 April 2017 @ 11:23 am
I got myself some more fannish shirts. :oD  
Yeah, I have a cat shirt! Isn't it perfect?!

To me this is a Star Wars T-shirt, but it's nice that it includes Futurama, because I don't have a shirt of that show yet.

Got this one from Zazzle, because apparently Orphan Black isn't big enough for Qwertee.

Yeah, speaking of big: do'h I need to wear a different bra under that shirt, my boobs look ridiculous. And I had already chosen a design that sits higher, but it still goes too far down for my taste. :o/
It's a super comfy T-shirt, though, with a nice cut (aptly named Favorite Tee).

And speaking of Bella + Canvas shirts: they make my beloved baseball shirts! The question is just how to get them. They only sell to resellers and shops that print stuff on them. I don't want anything on these shirts, I just want them as they are! And then there's the problem of finding a trustworthy shop. I once tried to order via an Amazon seller, but that didn't go well. Gah, why has this sort of shirt to be so hard to come by?!